All-inclusive web design for people who turn

I do what most web designers don't. I'll build you a new website, but I'll also: nail your messaging (that you can use everywhere in your brand), actually write your copy, take beautiful brand photos and videos, and finally get you business from your website.

grow your small business with an online marketing revamp


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All-inclusive web design for people who turn their

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Does your website stress you out? Maybe you've looked at templates, or researched web designers. But you still have to do a lot of the work, right? You have to provide all of the copy (writing, ugh!), figure out how you're going to get nice looking photos, and tell the designer what you want it to look like. That's just so much time you don't have.

Overwhelmed by how to take your business to the next level?

new website.
new online brand.
elevated business.

hi, I'm Morgan!

and I'm here to do it all for you.

I fell in love with website design and marketing strategy from the outside in. I am a professional photographer and writer by trade. I first started working with small business owners by taking photos for their brands.

Then I dug deep into:

Web designer, photographer & storyteller

Messaging and copywriting
Website design and strategy
SEO (how people find you!)

I will help you revamp your online marketing as a whole, and give you tools you can use in all aspects of your small, but growing business.

Why it all started...

I started my career with a fire in me. A fire to tell stories that inspire, to serve people, and to achieve my dreams. But I didn't even know what those dreams were! I jumped from job to job, hating each one within 6 months. I thought I was the problem. Until I started my own business. Something my early 20-year-old self scoffed at (because I didn't believe in myself). Growing my own business has not only changed my life, it has changed everything I believe about myself.

It also changed what I believe about you. And your ability to achieve freedom by following your heart, doing exactly what you want to do. I do what I do because I know every entrepreneur has the ability to grow their business to achieve freedom - freedom with your time and family, your money, and your ability to serve the world. Every small business owner has a story worth telling. There are people who NEED you, and your products and services. They NEED to hear your story. Let's inspire them. Let's change their lives. Let's change your life.

Are you ready?

What you need to create a website that actually works for you

(This is what you'll get in 5 months...and more!)


Clear messaging that tells the story of your brand, and attracts your ideal clients on an emotional level. This messaging will be the framework of your website, but it also gives you a blueprint for social media, blog posts, emails and so much more.


A beautiful, functional website that reflects your brand and appeals to your ideal client. Not only that, but it converts your ideal client into an actual customer!


Beautiful photos, graphics and video specific to you and your business. No more of those same-old stock photos.


Just because you build it, doesn't mean they'll come. You need a website that's optimized for search engines (SEO), and an ongoing plan to build upon that SEO. Google is your new BFF!

All you have to do is tell me about your business!

And I'll do the rest. If you've been putting that new website off because you just don't have the time, this is your sign. We'll meet, talk about your life and your business, and I will build you a beautiful, money-making online brand.


I fill in the gaps other web designers don't.

This is an online marketing revamp, not just web design. We'll define your messaging (we're story-telling, not selling), create your website from start to finish, take beautiful photos and videos for your website and social media, and build in a personalized SEO strategy.

I won't leave you hanging after that! i will arm you with education, tools and options for website maintenance, blogging, seo and more.

And I mean, I will

do it all

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madison, wi website design

A complete online marketing revamp. Branding and marketing strategy, copywriting, web design, photography and videography, SEO strategy, and more.
It's web design, content creation and business coaching - all in one 5-month program!

morgan madeleine
creative studio


Long gone are the days of "selling" yourself. A website that simply brags about you and your business won't do the trick. I'll document the story of your brand, and provide you with a personalized, modern messaging framework that can be used all across your marketing. You'll speak directly to your ideal client.

If your website is not clear, concise, easy-to-use and nice to look at, you're losing business. We'll use the messaging framework mentioned above to create a website that is all that, and more. Your website will work for you, and actually help grow your business (and even your team!).

Here's What You'll Get

Modern messaging

A high-end, converting website

brand strategy

website design

Good SEO is just as important as the website design itself. Google is one of the best, free marketing tools out there. But there is an ever-changing set of "rules" and strategy that allow your clients to find you. You'll receive personalized SEO strategy, including keyword research, that is worked into your web design. Then, you'll have options to extend our SEO services beyond the initial design!

Spreadsheets + stuff

SEO + analytics

Stock photos and low-resolution images stand out. In a bad way. I will take clean, modern images that are exclusively for your brand. Whether they are photos of you (almost always required!), your products, your town or pretty details, I'll provide you with a customized photo and video package. The best part? You'll be able to use your images across other areas of marketing too!

Photography + Videography



From This

to  this

It's time to stop stressing about your website.

*Built with a customized Tonic template on Showit

check out my work!

A Real Estate Revamp

From traditional real estate marketing to a modern, online brand that stands out from the rest. The 608 Team is a real estate boutique based in Madison, Wisconsin. It was founded by husband and wife brokers, Dominic and Ellie Colosimo. When I came on board, The 608 Team had success. They had impactful business and personal stories. They had a family oriented business. But none of their online marketing reflected that.

I worked with The 608 Team to get really clear on their messaging. We created a brand new website that stands out from the traditional real estate website. With stories, beautiful photos that capture their team and the city they serve, and custom marketing material, we brought their brand to life online. Their website has since attracted new clients and new team members!

the 608 team in madison

My work: The 608 Team

Have a website you're proud to show off, without lifting a finger

How does this sound?

Know exactly what your brand's message is in all forms of marketing



you will...

Have a stock pile of beautiful brand images that are ready for blog posts and social 


Actually bring in dream clients and even attract new team members with your website!


Have the tools to expand your business, from email lists to online courses and more


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Your web revamp comes with a photo and video package! You can't build an impactful online brand without compelling, high-end visuals. I'll take photos of you, you, your team and your products/services. Take a peek at a portfolio of some of my branding photos!

Photography + Video

see the portfolio!

The Process

Say hi! Fill out my contact form, and tell me a little about your business! We'll set up an initial consult (for free) to get to know each other and walk through the steps of the revamp.

1. First This

Once it's official, you'll receive a customized 5-month plan, including scheduled branding calls, and detailed plans for messaging, design and photography.

2. Then This

Your copy, imagery, website and SEO strategy will be completed in five months. We'll have one-on-one strategy meetings throughout. After that, you'll have options to continue our services!

3. Finally, This

No more wasted time. Let's get started now!


custom messaging + copy for your new website

fully custom website design + launch

photo and video package for web + social

seo research and implementation

starting at 8800

the website revamp investment:

Flexible Options!

one-on-one marketing strategy meetings

5 payments of 1850

book a 1-on-1 call!


This is for you if:

you need a new website and elevated online brand

you already have a website and online brand that's making money while you sleep

you want time to do what you love, which does not include creating websites 

you're not ready to make big changes online

you're willing to learn and use new marketing strategies that will attract your ideal client and make you money

It's probably not for you if...

you're not willing to learn new marketing strategies

How do I determine if the 5-month web revamp is for me?

Send me a message, and we'll set up a free initial meeting. We'll chat about your business and our services!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire you to make small changes to my existing website?

Yes you can! Especially if you need help with your website copy and/or photography. I can help make changes to your website depending on the type of access you have to it. We can discuss a custom quote!

Does my business have to be local to you (Madison, WI)?

Nope! I am located in Madison, WI, but all of my services can be performed remotely. I will work with you on a custom photo/video plan if you need updated team photos.

What website platforms do you use or recommend?

I use and highly recommend ShowIt for small businesses. ShowIt integrates seamlessly with WordPress, so you still get the versatility of WP plugins. We can chat about which website platform is best for you in our initial meeting.

How involved in the process do I have to be?

While I take most of the work off your hands, I still want you to be present throughout the 5-month process. This includes periodic strategy meetings and check-ins, so I can get to know your business, and create material that you love. 

Will you be able to update my website in the future?

Absolutely! After the 5-month program, I offer website upkeep services - whether to make changes or to build upon the SEO strategy. I can also teach you how to make minor tweaks!

What kinds of photos will you take for my website?

My base program includes two branding photoshoots and one video package. Photos are custom to each business, but typically include a mixture of owner/team photos (your customers want to see you!), and custom "stock" photos related to your business. 

Can you create custom pages and plugins, like online shops? 

Absolutely! I can integrate WordPress plugins with your new website. This includes Shopify, LearnDash (or other online course platforms), and so much more!

send me a message!

more questions?

During your web revamp, we'll be working closely with each other for 5 months, and beyond. I'll learn about you, the ins and outs of your business, and so much more! So it makes sense that you'd want to learn a little more about me too. I'm an open book and more than happy to share my own stories, trials, triumphs, and favorite resources, coffee shops, hiking spots, ski hills and more!

But if you want to know more now, please click the link below! I go in depth into my background and the why behind my business. And if you have more questions, please schedule a call with me! I can't wait to get to know you (and vice versa!). 

Who are you working with?

One More thing!

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