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How to make a wedding budget | With FREE budget tracker

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Probably most couples’ least favorite part of wedding planning! Making a wedding budget. It’s not fun, but it’s important to at least have an idea of your budget as you plan. As you can imagine, wedding costs add up fast! Here are my tips on how to make a wedding budget. And scroll down to get a copy of our free digital budget tracker!

After you figure out your wedding day priorities, you’ll want to lay out your budget based on your priorities.

I know, this can be difficult to do!

The cost of weddings vary greatly between states or cities and even between vendors. But if you can assess how much money you actually have to spend on your day, it will allow you to set boundaries for yourself when looking for vendors, or looking at decor.

Try to have some fun with it! Maybe treat yourself to some ice cream or wine while you sit down and plan it out!

Set aside a higher percentage of your wedding budget to your higher priorities

The top 2-3 of your priorities should be where you allocate the highest percentage of your budget. In general, you will pay more for a better, more trustworthy photographer and videographer if you value capturing the memories of your day, you will pay more for a beautiful venue in a prime location if that’s a high priority, or you will pay more for a DJ or live band that really knows how to keep the party going if that’s important to you.

Learn how to set your priorities here.

How to make a wedding budget: Use our free tracker!

We created a budget tracker that you can download for FREE right here. We created this tracker with Google Sheets, so you can share it with your fiance, and edit it on the go!

Download your wedding budget template here

Start by entering your entire budget (or take a guess), and start filling in prices for different vendors. You can do this before you book anyone, and play around with the numbers a little bit. Play a little give and take based on your priorities, and see where you end up!

If you have questions on how to use this tracker, or on wedding budgets in general, feel free to contact me here.

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