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5 tips to elevate your wedding detail photos

various wedding detail photos featuring invitation suite, flowers and wedding shoes
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Your wedding detail photos help tell the story of your day, and of course your wedding photos should capture the entire story. You put so much thought into these details, and some of them even carry a special meaning about your relationship or even your family. As your wedding photographers, we want to capture everything – from the tiniest detail on your ring to the twirl you practiced over and over again for your first dance. 

I love taking photos of wedding details. Aside from the prettiness, many pieces tell a story about the couple, or show a unique side of your personality. When we meet with our couples about a month before their wedding day, we talk about all of the details the couple wants to include in these photos. We set aside about 45-60 minutes at the beginning of the day to take these photos, so we don’t have to interrupt the rest of the day to get them! 

I always suggest to our couples to have a shoebox of details put together ahead of time, and ready to go in the bridal suite. That way, we can take the wedding detail photos without missing anything – often while simultaneously capturing getting ready photos (that’s why it’s great to have two of us!). The standard details included in these shots are the rings, shoes and invitation suites, but there are some extra pieces that aren’t as obvious that can make your wedding detail photos even better!

Incorporate florals in your wedding detail shots

The Eloise Wedding Barn Wisconsin Photography

We always take pictures of your bouquet, but one element that can add a lot to the photos of your invitation suite, rings and jewelry is loose florals! Ask your florist ahead of time if they can set aside some loose blooms as they are putting your bouquets together, or decorating your venue. Then they can either drop them off in the bridal suite, or we can ask for them if we happen to be at the venue at the same time. Florals beautifully tie in the elements of your wedding day with the details you put so much time and thought into! 

The Eloise Wedding Barn Wisconsin Photography
wedding flowers cambridge winery wedding
The Eloise Wedding Barn Wisconsin Photography

Dress and Veil: Don’t forget about the hanger!

Elegant Barn Wedding Venues Madison

The wedding dress is a pretty standard detail shot, but there are a few extra elements to this shot that may not be as obvious! Think about the hanger you have your dress on. Hangers do show up in dress pictures, and often the hanger the dress comes on is not the most photogenic! Consider getting a sturdy, wood hanger for your dress – or even a customized one off of Etsy! We often use your veil in detail shots too, but not in the way you might think. It’s not always noticeable at first, but we may use a veil to add layers to the photos of your invitation suites, or to show it off in other unique ways! 

Elegant Barn Wedding Venues Madison

Show off your wedding colors with ring boxes

The Eloise Wedding Barn Wisconsin Photography

I have a few ring boxes I bring with me to weddings, but consider getting a velvet ring box to match your color scheme, or even a customized ring box. Your ring will photograph beautifully no matter what, but sometimes having that pop of color in the background ties everything together – and makes the photos look more elegant! 

Bring extra ribbon or fabric

The Eloise Wedding Barn Wisconsin Photography

If you used any ribbon or fabric in your design elements, consider throwing a few extra pieces of it in your details box! Ribbon adds a lot to a flat lay of your invitation suite, and similar to the ring box, it also adds a pop of your wedding colors! 

wedding earrings detail photography

Set aside all of your wedding day jewelry

We ask our brides, if possible, not to put jewelry on until the dress is on. We will photograph any jewelry that is special to you (which on your wedding day, is all of it!), and putting the jewelry on once your dress is on makes for great pictures as well!

The Eloise Wedding Barn Bridal Suite Getting Ready Photos

We’re a wedding photography duo team based in Madison, Wisconsin. The bonus of having two of us? We can split up in the beginning of the day to capture your detail shots and your getting ready photos (on both sides)! Learn more about our wedding photography experience here!

Wedding venues and vendors featured in this post:

The Eloise Wedding Barn, Mount Horeb

The Fields Reserve, Stoughton

High Point Church, Madison

Florals: Olson’s Flowers, Mount Horeb

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